Forms and Weapons in Ving Tsun

In most systems, Kung-Fu and other martial arts, you learn the art section for section put together by a mock battle with an imaginary opponent. In this example, karate fights are known as kata. These sets of techniques are becoming increasingly difficult and the imaginary opponent increasingly better, just as the student progresses.

A major disadvantage of this teaching method is that the student is in fact a well crafted exercise. Teaches the same way as a ballet dancer learns his art. But what you do when a real opponent breaks the rules and not exactly attacks following the rules must still be explained.

Ving Tsun is best seen as a set of principles of martial arts in general.

In Ving Tsun are all basic movements collected.

There are three sets of movements:




The first set, Siu-Lim-Tau, is the basis of Ving Tsun. The set includes basic movements which on the other sets are based.

The second set, Chum Kiu-, roughly translated means "to find the bridge. The movements of the Chum Kiu, make it possible for your opponent to come through "the bridge" formed by the arms. Chum Kiu are mainly in-balance, arm combinations, kicks and walking training.

The last set, Biu-Chi is a set that is primarily concerned with the escape from desperate situations and "emergency techniques".

For the slightly more advanced students, there is the dummy training.

A dummy is a round wooden pole to which three wooden "arms" and a wooden leg "are attached. On the dummy is a complete set of trained movements.

Most movements are reflected in the Sil-Lim-Tao, the Chum Kiu, and Bil-Jee.

It is said that the dummy used within Ving Tsun is like the dummy that was used interchangeably in the famous Shaolin Temple.

The monks of the Shaolin Temple used the dummy too for practising techniques. The arms and legs of the dummy are very conveniently located and are an excellent tool to harness the power of your elbow to train, good fighting positions to take and restore to learn of adverse situations

So the dummy mimics trunk and limbs of an opponent. The dummy, sometimes also called "wooden man", is attached to the wall using two wooden beams.

* "Lok Dim Boon Kwan" (Long Pole Set)

The Long Pole Set is the shortest set in Ving Tsun. Also in this set is effectiveness first priority, ie trying to use minimum effort for maximum result. The stick is also used as a training device for strength, stance and hands to perfect.

In the Long Pole Set the most basic offensive and defensive techniques in order to allow you this weapon in a short time shows good handling

In de stokset zijn de meest elementaire aanvals- en verdedingstechnieken opgenomen, zodat je dit wapen in korte tijd goed leert hanteren.

* "Pah Cham Dau" (Knife Set)

The Knife set in Ving Tsun is performed with two knives, called "butterfly knife". The blades provide hand protection against attacks from an opponent and can be used to avert heavy forces. Also, any part of the blades are used for the attack

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