The origins of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do is the martial arts designed / founded by the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee (Chinese name Jun Fan Lee).

Literary translated Jeet Kune Do means: ‘The way of the intercepting first’, based on the concept that every attack offers a way to counter attack. The only thing needed for this is the correct application of the right technique, at the right time. An excellent grasp of distance and timing play a very important role in this.


The original Jeet Kune Do utilises techniques that have their origins in Ving Tsun Gung Fu, Boxing, and fencing. Ving Tsun lends its effectiveness, boxing the punching techniques, and Fencing its footwork.

Just as in Ving Tsun, Jeet Kune Do does not know any rules and regulations, which is the reason it cannot be compared amongst other classical martial arts such as Karate and Judo. There are no sets of kata etc to learn, within Jeet Kune Do, they are completely unnecessary.

Unique in Jeet Kune Do, is the emphasis given to the concept of distance in a fight: Long, Middle and short ranges. You will have to develop the knowledge and skills to know at which range which of your ‘weapons’ are effective. (=training!)

Self defence and fight strategies are of course also covered during classes, and we train a lot in various methods to attack, as often the best defence is still the attack!


Jeet Kune Do can be viewed as a complete martial art, but good skill in (original) Jeet Kune Do will also be accomplished by simply learning a few techniques (and perfecting those) that work best for a certain individual.
Also, this is typical of Jeet Kune Do: Use and perfect those techniques that work best for YOU!


On January 10-11, 1996, a select group of 19 individuals (the majority of whom trained directly with Bruce Lee, as well as several high-level second-generation students of Dan Inosanto, and Ted Wong) gathered for a two-day summit to discuss the preservation and perpetuation of Bruce Lee’s art and science known as Jeet Kune Do.

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The original Jeet Kune Do can be recognised as Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do tm, Jun Fan is the Chinese name of Bruce, and this gives a certain assurance that the original concepts / ideas of Bruce are being passed on. The name is also a protected trademark of the Bruce Lee Foundation™©, and not everyone can use this name. Sadly, in practice it is sometimes being abused so always check if the ‘roots’ of the instructor(s) can be traced back to the great founder, Bruce Lee.

(L) Shannon Lee Keasler,(R) Linda Lee Cadwell

The new organisation (Bruce Lee Foundation) has been founded and board members are Linda Lee Cadwell (Bruce’s wife/widow), Shannon Lee Keasler (his daughter), Ted Wong (RIP), Allen Joe RIP and Taky Kimura RIP. The preservation of the martial art by Bruce Lee is therefore preserved for future generations.


Jeet kune do training with us consists of the following ‘characteristics’:

• Logical and simple foundations

• Very practical and applicable

• Excellent sporting mentality

• No acrobatics or extremely difficult exercises

• Learn to relax

• Thoroughly thought through structure, techniques and strategy

• Dynamic training of speed and timing

• Development of a higher confidence and ability to focus

• Social interaction with fellow students

• Getting to know yourself better, both physically and mentally

Are you curious? Why not join us for a free trial lesson!

We train in a relaxed atmosphere, but you will be working up a sweat!

In this ‘system’ there are no belts, grades or competitions, you train purely for your own benefit, what you put in, you will get out. Everyone who likes to learn to effectively defend themselves and continue the legacy that Bruce left us, is welcome.

Let’s be honest, what can be more exciting to be able to say that you belong to the 3rd generation after Bruce Lee?

Exactly, Nothing at all!

Contact us for a free trial lesson in the martial art of Bruce Lee.

Hope to see you soon!
In the Spirit of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.

James & George

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